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5 Successful People Who Would Inspire You To Never Stop Trying

Being optimistic is very hard in a world where we have set unachievable goals to be attained, the most famous one being the “American Dream”. A dream where everyone wants to be successful and live their life in extreme comfort and luxury. Nobody wishes for a life that brings them misery. However, success has no roadmap that you can follow which will guarantee your success after a few years.
For me personally, defining success in the number of cars and my bank balance is not a wise decision. The real measure of your success is actually the things that you have learned, the relationships that you have developed and the people who have been your support throughout. However, reaching that final stage may be a little difficult, so here are some of our favorite people to get inspiration and motivation from!

Steve Jobs

Founder of the biggest company Apple, Steve Jobs started this establishment from a garage with only two employees. He had to face rejection several times, and was fired from various companies. Yet, he did not lose hope and worked for himself knowing that he had the potential to achieve success in life. And now he is finally at that point in his life where not only praise him for his creativity and inventions but look up to him as an ideal, someone who defied the norms and achieved the unbelievable.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates is among those billionaires, who celebrate their failures before bragging about success. He is known as the entrepreneur and founder of the biggest software company called Microsoft. Interestingly enough, he was actually a school drop-out! Yes, there is hope for you even if you think that you are not good enough in studies. Not that education is not a contributing factor to your success, but if you truly believe and work hard then everything is achievable! He started off with Traff O Data, the biggest failure in world history but his passion did not allow him to lose hope and he continued to strive hard.

Albert Einstein
An example from the past but someone who still remains relevant due to his extraordinary creations! This genius scientist had a troublesome childhood but that did not stop him from attaining his goal. Had he been among today’s children, parents and teachers would have given up on him, and he would have been bullied by everyone. He was expelled from school because of his speech problem but gradually learned to be fluent. Today, he is known to be the most influential scientist who discovered E=mc2, proved to the world that energy and mass are the same things just in different forms and even won the Nobel Prize!

J.K Rowling
Rowling is responsible for lighting up the lives of millions of children all across the globe and personally if there is one writer that i enjoyed the most in my childhood it was her! The writer of the most famous series Harry Potter, J.K Rowling’s life was no less than a grim tale. Her marriage failed, and she was jobless without a penny in the bank. In fact, Harry Potter was rejected by 21 publication houses. But that never stopped her from trying and eventually her publication received global accolades and applause! Her hardwork and dedication are truly exemplary.

Oprah Winfrey
This millionaire woman never had a life of ease. She was born in a poor house with no father to look after or feed. She had to spend years in starvation with no adequate amount of care and protection. In fact, she is a survivor of sexual abuse as well. Even after entering the entertainment industry, she faced racism and tackled the criticism of people, who made fun of her due to weight. Yet, she put on a brave face and managed to own her identity with pride and proved herself with the success of the Oprah Winfrey Show, autobiographies, radio shows, etc.
What you may have learned by now is that, if you dream big then you hold the power to change your destination and achieve the unachievable. It is never easy to enjoy life and earn millions without investing a considerable amount of energy and time in anything you do. Keep calm, have faith, and never stop working hard!

4 Tips to build a kickass portfolio

There is one area of your life that requires you to show and tell to get noticed and that is your professional life. The most important thing is that there are people out there who do the same type of work as you but no one else does it quite like you.

This makes you a unique personal brand and you need to give employers the feel of your accomplishments, skills, and goals. No matter what industry you are in check out some of the tips below for a kickass portfolio:

1.Show off selective work

While people usually have a lot of real estate to show off on their online portfolios, you need to understand one thing. Before uploading anything you have to figure out what you want others to see.

Your portfolio should be an extension of the things you have mentioned in your resume. You could either go by selecting the top ten or twenty of your most impressive works from your portfolio. If you don’t have a master list, start making one. You could also show different projects each projecting a different skill or service.

Remember to show off the work that has gotten the most attention during all these years.


When it comes to professional portfolios less is definitely more. We recommend presenting your work in a clean and straightforward manner which is as a website is easy to navigate and when clicked on will show details of the work and give people context.

Even when you keep your portfolio with minimal information and the best work it can still get very busy because of all the different colour schemes, designs and formats.

To make your work samples look cohesive and not visually overwhelming for the viewers, try putting black and white samples when clicked on will show all the colours and other details.

3.Easy to Navigate

If you are a generalist in your field or somebody who has worked in multiple areas or different kinds of projects, you might want to show your work by placing everything under categories. This showcases your work in a more precise manner as well as relax the viewers by not placing them all in one page.

Categories help you portray all of your work without missing an opportunity. For example if you are a marketing generalist and someone who is looking for Instagram advice but only comes across blog copy services you might miss out on an opportunity.

4.Its not only your work, its you too

While your work history is critical it is important to remember when somebody is looking to hire you, they do not hire the work they hire the person who did the work. A good portfolio outshines the average one when it has a bit of your story & background included which portrays what type of a person you are to work with. Be sure to include an about page in your portfolio which contains a bit about you both personally and professionally.

Each one of us works hard at what we do and would love for the world to see. We hope these tips help you showcase your work and strengths in the best possible way and gets you closer to your professional goals.

4 Ways Multitasking Affects Your Productivity In Personal & Professional Life

Employers have always seen multitasking as an important component to handle manifold tasks by organizing, prioritizing, and focusing on work. The employee’s multitasking saves their time and resources as they reach their goals every day. In return, the latter is encouraged to uphold the practice in the form of minor raises and promotions. Even the interviews are rooted on evaluating the multitasking skills of candidates and those skills are directly linked with the level of productivity and accomplishments at the workplace. But the recent studies have emphasized that shifting between tasks affects performance and productivity as a brain is not designed to perform and focus on multiple tasks at one time. Let’s dig deeper into how multitasking can actually do more harm than good to a person’s mind. 

1. Multitasking & Its Effects On Cognitive Abilities 

Multitasking takes a serious toll on the cognitive ability of a person. Earlier it was assumed that the impairment is temporary but recent researches have supported the notion that a permanent damage is imminent as the density level in the cingulate cortex of the brain prompts apathy and rigidness in a person while messing up with their emotional and cognitive control. As our brains are not designed to focus on more than one thing at one time, their efficiency is hurt when the process of switching information takes place resulting in more mistakes and errors. Also a multitasker has at least 15 points lower of an IQ than the one who focuses on one assignment at one time. So why not prioritizing the tasks for a better outcome.

2. Loosen Up The Pressure Of Multitasking 

Take occasional breaks when you do to list is overwhelming. Talk to your manager about the problems you are facing due to excessive pressure of meeting deadlines and its possible consequences. Try to synergize. Take help from your colleagues. Or request your boss to extend the deadlines. Keep in mind that multitasking can affect your performance and eventually your increments and promotion chances. So, it’s better to take time rather than submitting underperformed assignments. Multitasking is a result of impulsive behaviour and unfocused attitude. It encourages the stressors and distractions so will its results.  

3. Start Prioritizing Today 

Focusing on one task at one time is more productive than multitasking. Applying the infamous 20 minutes rule to get done with an assignment is beneficial rather than looking after the myriad of paper and electronic information and switching between the tasks. That makes a multitasker more prone to tune out attention, information, and deadlines and tend them to have little organizational skills and are duped to several distractions with the end results showing sloppy work, indecisiveness, lack of creativity, and stress. 

4. How You Can Be More Productive Without Multitasking 

Jot down the list of things that need to be done. Prioritize and mark deadlines and devote yourself to complete the assignment point in time. Keep distractions at bay and withhold any mental shifts during the task. And the only way you can get rid of the interruptions is to schedule a time for them in your to-do list as well. Meet your outside distractions or the emails, Facebook, or important new feeds preferably during tea breaks or while socializing at your workplace, just not when a crucial task needs to be completed for you are more likely to oversee the critical information associated with the task. 

Multitasking byproducts are disvalued assignments, loss of time and resources, money and added stress in life. So better focus on one task at one point of time for favourable results. 

4 Ways To Handle Your First Failure Graciously

A neurologist says when a person experiences failure, his brain releases a stress hormone called cortisol that leaves him vulnerable, cast off, and detrimental. It increases the level of glucose in the blood and hinders functions that are vital in fight or flight response. Consistency of it would lead you to chronic stress and diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep disorders. Now this disruption takes place inside of your body and has much more harmful effects than the one taking place in the outer world, that is extreme frustration, strong reactions, embarrassment, and regret. And if you doubt your ability to overcome these emotions. It develops into self-doubting emotions that ultimately become a part of one’s personality. 

1. Change The Narrative 

All that happens because, since the very first day of our theoretical and professional lives, we are taught the concepts of “sink and swim” and are modeled to become an ideal aspirant, an overachiever. Nothing less than that is socially and personally acceptable. So when a person fails, people with their destructive criticism makes it intemperate for him to take heart and move it. Do cut these unfavorable judgments and have a look at these 5 ways that can help you handle your failures in life graciously. 

2. Re-Evaluate Your System Of Rules 

No one deems failure to be an outcome of any of their initiatives. For them, failure comes with severe impact and consequences because they never deemed it as an eventful experience that can help them improve their ways. Our generations are inculcated with the fear of failure, interpreting the concept as the opposite of success, negative, imperfection, and personal deficiency. Well, this may sound weird, but failure is as much needed as success as it helps us realize our goals and defeats. And with positive and constructive criticism, it can help us optimize our learnings and experiences. It is important for our academic and professional mentors to change the narrative and accept failure as an invaluable experience and teach others how to take responsibility and learn from it. 

3. Don’t Erase The Mistake 

Usually, when people come out of any immediate failures after repetitive blaming and regret, they tend to erase their mistakes and their effects. It may sound good but it isn’t in practicality. as if you will delete the experience, you will also remove the wisdom you got from it, the learning, the behavior, the process, that is really needed and effective to get through in your next move. Never erase the mistake, take responsibility, reflect over it and learn from the adversity. The wrong turns you take along the way do not define you. They shape you into what you are today and you are surely a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. It means that you learn from your experiences, your mistakes, and failures and lead yourself to smooth sailing. 

4. Don’t Dwell Over Your Failure 

Dwelling on your past failures is merely a waste of time. Unless you evaluate the whole process, realize your mistake, learn from it and move it. There is an instance when one feels humiliated, degraded, and demeaned after experiencing a failure and he needs to gain his trust, self-esteem, and confidence all over again as some lose it along the way. This requires a new, positive and constructive relationship of one with oneself as your image is tarnished in your own eyes. So, instead of consuming your time being guilty and regretting, focus on commencing a more gratified, valuable, and satisfied relationship with yourself and buck up for another try. Failure, for sure, leads to success, only if you learn from it. 

Life is jumbled and so are our experiences and relationship. The key is to wake up every day and start anew. It cannot be avoided. It cannot be wasted time on. It cannot be stagnant. It can only be learned from.  It is just an experience, a much-needed experience, for the sake of success, for the sake of yourself. 

12 Surprising Factors That Can Affect Productivity Of Your Employee

Employee’s productivity is a significant part of your business. The more efficient your workers are, the better solutions they will come up with. Understanding the major problems that are affecting the efficiency of your employee and finding feasible solutions to minimize them can be a great start to create a productive environment. There can be multiple factors that can affect your employee’s productivity like rise or fall in temperature, insufficient tools and equipment at the workplace, poor communication with the team and many more. In order to improve the efficiency; we will discuss in detail few factors that affect your productivity.

1. Temperature At Your Workplace

Unsuitable temperature causes discomfort. Workplaces being either too hot or too cold simply affect the efficiency of a worker. Sweating due to hot temperature or shivering due to cold can cause less productivity. To maintain the best temperature at the workplace, keep it between 70 – 73 fahrenheit. 

2. The Importance Of Great Lighting Sources

Natural light helps you with your circadian rhythm and keeps you well motivated throughout the day. However, considering the environment your workplace is assembled in is essential as well; it will help you to create and come up with great lighting solutions. 

3. The Importance Of Hydration

Dehydration has a poor effect on your engagement and productivity. Aside from dehydration, people who do not drink enough water also suffer from blunders, fatigue, injuries, and headaches. Keep clean water for drinking at your workplace to improve the productivity of your employees.

4. Air Quality At Your Workplace

There should be a proper ventilation system at the workstations  to maintain good air quality. Set policies and direct your staff to follow the rules and regulations strictly in order to manage the air pollutant sources like cigarette smoke, dust etc. 

5. Proper Tools And Equipment

If you do not equip your employees with proper tools and equipment at your workplace, it will slow down the work process. Lack of tools availability causes unwanted delay in work completion. Invest in modern tools and equipment to save time and energy and obtain better results.

6. Poor communication

Lack of communication has the greatest impact on the project as well as on the entire workplace environment. It can lead to poor performance that can cause high-level risks in the project. Deliverables, milestones and scope of the project should be properly directed to employees to obtain the maximum success factor.

7. Office Layout And Design

Give your workstation an eye catching layout, so that your employees enjoy working there. Play with bright colors to enhance their productivity. Provide them comfortable furniture so that they can stay focused and relaxed while working. Furniture should be arranged in a well manner so that employees can easily move around in the office. Use plants as a decorative item to give a refreshing vibe.

8. Rewards On Good Performance

Little things matter a lot. Words of appreciation and little rewards on good performance or task completion for your employees can increase their confidence and make them motivated and more focused towards their work 

9. Weekend Activities

Schedule some relaxing activities with your employees. These activities will bring you together and help you to know each other. Those colleagues who actively hang out together have shown to be great in teamwork activities, and they often bring solutions to business problems a lot more than those who do not socialize as much.

10. Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools boost teamwork, communication and sharing. There are numerous organizations out there, utilizing various software and applications to keep their employees stay connected together at all times. It encourages team-building skills and enhances productivity.

11. Keep Your Workplace Tidy

Keeping your workplace neat and tidy is not a hard task at all, just make sure that everyone cleans their work spots and desks daily, utilize file cabinets for managing all the paperwork  and keep your walkways clean. Unclean environments have a negative impact on our minds; they make us less motivated, depressed, tired and unproductive. 


From the above discussion we conclude that the workstation environment and surrounding has a great impact on efficiency of your co workers and employees.there are multiple factors that can optimize your employee’s productivity such as  Providing them training, keeping employee’s happiness as a priority, accommodating them in their personal projects etc.

Increase your Productivity at Work by Discovering Your Strengths

Productivity skills permit you to turn out to be less focused on, more viable and accordingly, a more effective person. In this article, we will take you through a step by step cycle of how to be more productive with an emphasis on time management and stress management.

Being productive is imperative to everybody, regardless of whether at school, college, when searching for a job, while at a specific employment, when beginning a business and when looking for venture or financing.

Let’s begin by inspecting a portion of the areas that are essential to assist you with building up your productivity skills.

Prioritizing: Start your day with a daily agenda and group your assignments under these marks: significant and critical, significant yet not pressing, not significant but rather dire, not significant and not earnest. This technique encourages you to feel more productive prior to the day to keep you the most un-pushed and demotivated later on.

Adopting Organizational Skills: This includes several little tasks that have a major effect, such as arranging your records into envelopes, naming them appropriately, cleaning your work area and work environment, arranging the means of your assignment before your beginning. Such simple strategies assist you with remaining zeroed in on one task without being superfluously interfered.

Managing Distractions: This doesn’t just cover sitting in a calm spot or shutting your phone off, since you must control inward interruptions as well. For instance, in case you’re working while continually stressed over the heap of work you actually have, compose the excess undertakings on a piece of paper as opposed to keeping them in your mind.

Notice What You Do Differently: Something may cause you to feel upbeat yet not really remarkable. You may adore script writing yet compose a normal plot or exchange. You can chip away at improving your aptitudes, however there is now something you are acceptable at and energetic about, simultaneously. Take a look at what works out easily.

Choose Your Favorite Qualities: Think now. What do you like most about yourself? What makes you proud? You don’t need to take a look at your greatest accomplishments for that. Search among minimal ordinary minutes for your flexibility, assurance, splendid point of view, discipline, intensity to learn and other positive ascribes.

Stop Multitasking: A hypothesis in brain science called the ‘Zeigarnik Effect’ expresses that your cerebrum will in general recall fragmented tasks more than complete ones. In like manner, when you perform multiple tasks, your brain will continue pounding you with the other fragmented assignment you are performing simultaneously. So center around only one assignment, and when done, start the other.

Avoid Information Overload: Probably you’re comfortable with the circumstance when somebody gripes: “I have a ton of garments to the degree that I don’t have the foggiest idea what to wear”. This can regularly occur during a dynamic cycle, in the event that you continue exploring, thinking, gathering data and information until the traffic of contribution to your psyche surpasses your capacity to focus. Thus, keep your reasoning engaged and pertinent.

Step outside the Box: Here’s the great piece of dynamic, the factor that makes you stand apart as an inventive chief. After you’ve assembled the data you need, push them above and beyond, make the normal sound extraordinary, and execute your choice in another light. For instance, on the off chance that you chose to work as opposed to viewing the DVD you just purchased, consider working while you eat some popcorn. Testing recognizable examples makes inspiration.

Review Your Decisions: This little advance step ought to occur at two instances: before and after you’ve taken a choice. To begin with, you should set up a back-up arrangement on the off chance that something startling happens to your unique courses of action. Second, you should assess your choice after you’ve executed it, with the goal that you can saddle its preferences and stay away from its weaknesses for the following choices you are going to make.

So productivity abilities are essential skills that could be utilized in any career and you can apply them consistently in your own life as well. To increase productivity at work, you need to discover your strengths and we hope that this article will help you to achieve that.

Stories of success and failure

Success is never easy. It takes nerve-wracking, painful toil and to finally be able to achieve your goal. It’s a never-ending battle with yourself and everyone around you. The path of success and failure are somewhat exactly the same. Failure isn’t the enemy of success, success is what you get after going through failure but not losing determination or the will power to move further.

  • Henry Ford

The creative genius behind the revolution that took the United States by a storm. In a few decades, the US witnessed what permanently changed the economic and social dynamic of the country. Starting from a self-built “farm-locomotive” he built an entire automobile industry. 

Ford started working as a chief engineer at the main Detroit Edison Company plant and during service, in his free time, he invented his own gasoline-powered vehicle. People wanted him to make passenger vehicles but Ford insisted on improving the current model he was working on. Many people came and left his side but he was so clear in his head about what he had to do. That steadfastness, the clarity, the resolve made what people today know as the “Ford Motor Company”. It didn’t appear out of thin air, wasn’t handed to him on a platter, He worked for it and earned it for himself. 

There’s no formula for success, no shortcuts, no hack to get the job done without any hard work. 

  • J.K. Rowling 

The woman who owes her success to her publisher’s 8-year old daughter who read the manuscript for Harry Potter and fell in love with it. J.K. Rowling didn’t even have a computer to type her book so she manually wrote it and delivered it to publishers in hopes of getting it printed when one day Bloomsbury gave it another shot because the CEO’s daughter loved it. 

She was rejected by 12 publishers before finally getting a publishing house to publish her book. She was paid £1,500 as advance for the first Harry Potter book and right now her net-worth is estimated to be around $1 billion making her one of the richest authors of the world.

Fall seven times and stand up eight”

  • Jack Ma

The living embodiment of this proverb is the Chinese business magnate, 

Forbes magazine listed Ma as the 21st most powerful people in the world. Net-worth of around $50 billion, Jack Ma didn’t have it easy at all. In early childhood, it began the tale of never-ending failures. From failing his primary school examination not once but twice to failing thrice in his middle school examinations. Even when applying to universities after he got done with his high school, he failed his entrance exam twice and cleared it in the third go. Jack also claims to have applied to Harvard Business School ten times but had always been rejected each time. After he finally managed to get his bachelor’s degree, Jack tried his luck and applied for jobs and was rejected for about 30 times. 

He recollected in an interview about applying for a job at KFC and from even there he was the only one who didn’t get selected out of the twenty-four that had applied. He was told that he was “no good” so many times in life but it still did not hinder him getting success. Today, Alibaba group is one of the largest groups in the world and Jack Ma stands among the richest men in the world. 

  • Colonel Harland David Sanders 

 Founder KFC – one of the biggest fast food chains in the world. Sanders used to work at a streetcar company as a conductor. He also worked as railroad fireman and insurance salesman. He then eventually started cooking different dishes at a roadside gas station. He perfected his recipe for the perfect ‘finger lickin good’ fried chicken, using a blend of 11 different spices, cooked in a pressure cooker to lock in all the goodness, flavor and moisture for the perfect fried chicken and opened his first ever KFC franchise in Utah in 1952. 

This success and the fame did not come easy. It is stated that his recipe was rejected over 1000 times before finally being accepted by a restaurant which he called “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. 

So success is never an easy journey. It demands effort, pain, determination, clarity, purpose and most of all the enthusiasm to keep moving forward no matter what result is.

X Mindblowing Stories of Super Successes Who Overcame Failure

Failures and Disappointments are a part of our life, which occurs every day, whether it happens in our school, workplace, homes, or within relations. These are unavoidable, unescapable, irritating and cause negativity and unproductivity. Although the idea of surrendering and giving up is relatively too appealing, but wait a second there exist those people who have been through great failures still survived and learned from it.

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” — Henry Ford

Let’s explore about well-known failure to success stories all around the globe, to get the motivation that will help in keep going and achieving goals:

Arianna Huffington

It is difficult to accept the fact that three dozen major publishers once rejected one of the most reputable labels in online publications. Before establishing the worldwide-recognized Huffington Post Empire, Arianna Huffington struggled a lot to publish and distribute her second book for long and was rejected thirty six times before it was eventually accepted for publication and distribution. Even though after getting accepted, Huffington Post itself was not a straight away success. When it launched, she was forced to face the negative reviews and criticism about its quality and its potential. Huffington very strongly overcame those initial sessions of stress and failure and established her name as one of the paramount outlets on the web.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is currently one of the world’s wealthiest people. But, he did not gain his wealth in a straight line to success. Bill Gates entered in an organization known as Traf-O-Data that was designed to measure, process and evaluate the statistics and information from traffic tapes. It was the early stage of big data. He attempted to sell the idea along with his business partner, Paul Allen, but it was a complete disaster and the invention hardly even worked. Still, Steve did not stop himself from exploring new opportunities and kept struggling. Few years later, he invented his first Microsoft product, and produced another way to progress.In his own words:

 “It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.”

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is an inspiring entrepreneur not only because of his endless inventions, but also because of his comeback from a practically irretrievable failure and disappointment. Steve achieved his success in 20s when Apple turned into a massive domain. When he was 30, the board of directors of Apple Company chose to fire him. Fearless by the failure, Steve established another organization, called NeXT, which was in the end acquired by Apple. He was once back at Apple, and then Steve proved his ability for taking the Apple brand higher than ever and by reinventing the brand’s image. Steve jobs stated in 2015 that:

 “I didn’t see it then, but it turned out that getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.”

Walt Disney

Walt Disney is among the most innovative and creative minds of the 20th century, he was once terminated from a newspaper for the reason that he was told he needed creativity. Trying to continue, Disney established his first animation company, known as “Laugh-O-Gram Films”. He raised fifteen thousand dollars for the organization however inevitably had to close Laugh-O-Gram, following the termination of a significant distributor partner.Anxious and broke, Disney discovered his approach to Hollywood and faced much more failure, criticism and disappointment. Until finally, his first few classic films shoot up in fame and popularity. From Snow White to Frozen, Disney will keep on entertaining the world for generations.

Milton Hershey.

Today, the whole world is familiar with Hershey’s chocolate. When Milton Hershey began his candy production career for the very first time, he was an ordinary person. Milton Hershey started three candy manufacturing industries before Hershey’s, and involuntarily watched all of them fail. In his last attempt, he established the Lancaster Caramel Company, and started getting massive results. He believed in his vision for milk chocolate for the masses, he finally established the Hershey Company and developed into one of the most famous labels in the industry of candy.

Bottom Line:

Success derives from moments of frustration, the moment you will find yourself the most painful and uncomfortable and want to remove all these hurdles. However, once you have gone through all those tough times, you will become stronger and closer to success. Get motivation from these stories whenever you face failure the next time. Sometimes, failure seems like the end, but always keep in mind that there are uncountable successful people in this world today who have learned from their failures and are enjoying their success now.

Accept the failure, learn from your faults and blunders and keep putting an effort to achieve your goals no matter what. Do not be scared to fail. In fact, start failing, and start failing often, in order to learn from each failure, that is how you will succeed and achieve your objectives.

5 Tips For Awesome Customer Service That Will Make Your Customers Happy

Customer satisfaction has a big impact on the success of the business. A decreased satisfaction level means your customer trust levels will likely be decreased too, and it also indicates bad customer service – a big issue that costs businesses up to $62 billion per year according to a research!

If the customers will be satisfied, they will do marketing for you by telling their friends, family about your business. You can attract a large audience in this way. If they had a bad experience, they will not shop from you and your brand will suffer in the end.

You can improve your customer service and make your customers happy and satisfied by following these 5 tips.

1)  Make Customer Experiences Memorable

The important thing is to establish trust and it can be possible by making the first customer experience a memorable one. A Wunderman study shows that 79% of customers shop from brands that show them that they really care about them and value them.

Nowadays, if a customer is satisfied with the brand’s services  then the market value of the brand will increase and it will lead to gaining profit otherwise the company will face serious negative outcomes. It is important to focus on providing the best customer service to your customers.

2)      Provide Fast Customer Support Service

If a customer wants to get information about your product, they expect you to respond quickly because there are a lot of brands selling similar products so it is important to be efficient otherwise, it will lead to low satisfaction level of customers.

Opinion aside, though, the research supports this claim. According to the team at Brookhaven Epoxy Flooring and Forrester, 73% of online adults in the US think that the best thing a brand can do to give them great customer support is to “value their time.”

3)      Make Feedback Part of Your Brand

Feedback from clients is one of the most significant resources your business can have. It can reveal to you a ton about your consumer loyalty levels since feedback clearly indicates how satisfied purchasers are with your brand, services, and items by and large.

Furthermore, client’s feedback can likewise assist you with improving your customer service and quality of your products, and provides you information that makes it simpler to settle on the correct business choices. Additionally, paying attention to it shows how much you care about the opinions of customers.

According to a Gartner survey, organizations that worked on client experience-centered projects in 2015 share that it happened by gathering and analyzing customer feedback. In this way, they successfully offered customers an incredible experience, by knowing what they want and considering their suggestions for enhancing the quality of products.

4)       Accept Your Mistakes

Not accepting your mistakes is a certain fire approach to getting negative reviews and building bad reputation. Being fair is significant in business and customer service is equally as important. Continuously make progress toward an excellent result as it shows you have a strong level of standards.

Listening to customer’s attentively will help you in resolving issues in a better way. Companies like Amazon are flourishing because of the fact that they value their customers. Even if it is not their mistake, they try to resolve it and exchange the product without charging extra money. The team has to be professional who can be empathetic towards the customers and responds in a good manner.

Choose good and do not act rude if the customer is wrong but you on the other side should not lose your calm and accommodate them in whatever little way you can.

5)      Be an Active Listener

The customers want to be heard so ensure them that you are listening attentively and you value what they are saying. Clarify if there are any confusions and solve their problems. Help them in finding what they want. Use an empathetic tone while dealing with customers because building reputation is a long term process and you lose your value in just minutes so think before you respond.

While establishing a business, you should research about delivering good customer service and plan accordingly. No matter how popular your brand becomes, you can not deny the importance of good customer service because customers are a key factor in building your brand and now in todays world of social media, anything is possible by naming and shaming or by promoting good things.

eCommerce, online selling and operations.

eCommerce, online selling and operations.

What is eCommerce, what is selling, if not activities all driven by operations?

To read what comes from many reports, from the readings of posts and from the expectations of many people and companies, it seems that the goal is to quickly create an online store, no matter where, on Amazon or on its own domain to start selling quickly.

Many tips are a consequence of this direct thinking and therefore focus on branding and marketing as priority aspects.

The stark reality with which to measure each day is that selling – wherever it takes place, is a sum of operations , optimization of an infrastructure organized to efficiently sell goods or services to a large audience, whether you use low prices or points on high values.

For the customer who buys, all operations must be valid, precise, efficient.

The only way to achieve the objective of selling is to set, from the beginning, a precise, meticulous and effective management of operations.SHARE THE TWEET

  • What are the operations of an eCommerce?
  • Inventory management
  • How do you manage the inventory?
  • If you sell across multiple channels, how do you manage presence across multiple channels?
  • Is the inventory owned by you or does the inventory come from other suppliers – for example using dropshipping?
  • The question is fundamental because it involves many aspects related to subsequent operations.

If you are a producer you must also think about possible channel conflicts, but above all about the topic of logistics and related obligations.

Catalog and content management

Products must be presented and described.

Images, titles, short descriptions, complete descriptions, explanatory sheets, specific elements and distinctive elements. The description of the product on your online shop may be different from the description of the product on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces.

If you sell abroad you must have the correct translations.

Do not underestimate a Product Information Management that manages all the necessary integrations on the ecommerce platform and wherever you sell, starting from the distinctive and unique elements of the product, such as the EAN code.

How to avoid an Amazon suspension – Manage access to your account

How to avoid an Amazon suspension – Manage access to your account

Understand Amazon’s rules and stay on the rules.
Selling on Amazon is difficult, nobody guarantees anything.

Never assume that you have nothing to fear if your sales performance and metrics are solid. You always have something to watch out for. Never assume that if you have sent the required documentation to open your account, everything is fine and there are no things to be careful and follow.

Amazon does not lose sleep over lost accounts, even if they already develop or potentially can develop important business volumes. They are all easily replaceable. Amazon doesn’t care to lose you as a seller if it suspects that problems with catalog management and / or complaints from buyers may come.

It is easier to eliminate this possibility in the bud than to verify it later.

I know, it’s a bad reasoning done to sellers, but it’s better to use frank language and know what happens, than to have unexpected surprises.

Manage your account with due care and rules.
The first rule to follow is to manage access to your Amazon account well. Your seller account is your unique identifier against Amazon and you need to manage it carefully and cautiously. Too often the seller treats him badly and puts his relationship with Amazon at risk with reckless actions.

Legitimately authorize third party access to your seller account. Instead of giving your account credentials – username + password – to your agency or to the freelance who follows your business on Amazon, act correctly. Same thing for the agency or freelance. Do not ask your customer for a username and password to log in and administer the account.

On Seller Central settings, you can legitimately authorize third parties of your trust to operate on your account.
Follow these instructions carefully

This is not the only reason for deactivating the account and the variables are many. But if, during the opening of the account, you operate badly and there are multiple accesses from different IPs, different Mac addresses, which can be associated with other email addresses that access Amazon with different accounts, you turn on an important notice above your position.

You are not opening an account on Amazon so to do something. Often behind you have a project, expectations and investments. Act judiciously: you will not spare yourself all penalties and contingencies, but you will reduce errors due to inexperience which cannot always be justified.

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