The usual to-do list, eating, healthy exercising, eating the ugliest frog first, we have all heard these productivity hacks which no doubt work. Some of us have accepted the fact that we can never be productive & this is how our lives are going to be.

But to give yourself an extra boost in the most unlikely of ways to try something new in the hopes of it working out we have a bunch of suggestions for you that goes against everything that you have ever been told about productivity that sounds cool right? Let’s dive in:

1. Most Important Task Second

We are often told to start with the ugliest frog first which means to start with the hardest task first. As human beings there is no motivation to do the hardest task first and it often slows down at speeds as well.  If you start with the most difficult one it ends up being stalled and the momentum for the rest of the task is also depleted. The next time you feel like this is happening to you, start with the most fun task and then do the difficult one that needs your attention. We guarantee you will enjoy more and get a lot more done and Hey, you have won half the battle.

2. Log Out Of Your Inbox

Let’s face it we have all been stuck in the loop of checking emails every 15 minutes. You are tempted to open your inbox the second you wake up but the reality is that all those emails can wait an extra hour even though the subject lines says “urgent”.  We recommend having a personal policy of no emails after work hours 5 p.m. and no emails before 9 a.m. also only check emails once every hour while at work but if you are remote employee you could just turn on desktop notifications to have productive working routines rather than spending your time in your inbox.

3. Take Items Off To Do List

We all have those long to-do lists which we might have not organised according to priority. To make you more productive, we would recommend tossing them less urgent tasks or due in a month tasks off the list. We often torture ourselves with long to do lists to make us more productive but the truth is having a long to do list only adds to the stress of having not done enough. Instead of keeping a long to-do list keep a small DID IT list. It will provide you with little motivational doses throughout the day and also satisfy your need to do enough.

4. Stop Using Those Productivity Apps

Being productive requires lifestyle changes, attitude changes and brain rewiring. It is not a bunch of magic tools installed on your phone that would somehow make you a more productive person than you normally are. Be open to trying new methods and editing apps when they’re not working for you because there is no one size fits all when it comes to softwares. Analogue methods that come from your coworkers, family members or anything that you discover along the way that might work keep that information. But if you need to uninstall all your productivity apps to become more productive, do it!!

5. Do It Now

When something arises that could be done in the next five or ten minutes, do them now. It is better to sacrifice being organised or doing your work in the priority as it comes for efficiency. If it takes you two minutes to write something on your to do list and that thing can also be done in the next 5 minutes, you would have already done it by the time it reaches your to do list. In order to avoid being counterproductive in the name of holier than thou corporate productivity it’s better to finish something than to put it on your never ending to do list. 

Last but not the least remember to breathe and be kind to yourself. You are a human being with feelings and problems other than your job. It’s OK to lag behind sometimes. Let us know what productivity hacks you have discovered over the years working for you. We would like to include them in our next article.