Being optimistic is very hard in a world where we have set unachievable goals to be attained, the most famous one being the “American Dream”. A dream where everyone wants to be successful and live their life in extreme comfort and luxury. Nobody wishes for a life that brings them misery. However, success has no roadmap that you can follow which will guarantee your success after a few years.
For me personally, defining success in the number of cars and my bank balance is not a wise decision. The real measure of your success is actually the things that you have learned, the relationships that you have developed and the people who have been your support throughout. However, reaching that final stage may be a little difficult, so here are some of our favorite people to get inspiration and motivation from!

Steve Jobs

Founder of the biggest company Apple, Steve Jobs started this establishment from a garage with only two employees. He had to face rejection several times, and was fired from various companies. Yet, he did not lose hope and worked for himself knowing that he had the potential to achieve success in life. And now he is finally at that point in his life where not only praise him for his creativity and inventions but look up to him as an ideal, someone who defied the norms and achieved the unbelievable.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates is among those billionaires, who celebrate their failures before bragging about success. He is known as the entrepreneur and founder of the biggest software company called Microsoft. Interestingly enough, he was actually a school drop-out! Yes, there is hope for you even if you think that you are not good enough in studies. Not that education is not a contributing factor to your success, but if you truly believe and work hard then everything is achievable! He started off with Traff O Data, the biggest failure in world history but his passion did not allow him to lose hope and he continued to strive hard.

Albert Einstein
An example from the past but someone who still remains relevant due to his extraordinary creations! This genius scientist had a troublesome childhood but that did not stop him from attaining his goal. Had he been among today’s children, parents and teachers would have given up on him, and he would have been bullied by everyone. He was expelled from school because of his speech problem but gradually learned to be fluent. Today, he is known to be the most influential scientist who discovered E=mc2, proved to the world that energy and mass are the same things just in different forms and even won the Nobel Prize!

J.K Rowling
Rowling is responsible for lighting up the lives of millions of children all across the globe and personally if there is one writer that i enjoyed the most in my childhood it was her! The writer of the most famous series Harry Potter, J.K Rowling’s life was no less than a grim tale. Her marriage failed, and she was jobless without a penny in the bank. In fact, Harry Potter was rejected by 21 publication houses. But that never stopped her from trying and eventually her publication received global accolades and applause! Her hardwork and dedication are truly exemplary.

Oprah Winfrey
This millionaire woman never had a life of ease. She was born in a poor house with no father to look after or feed. She had to spend years in starvation with no adequate amount of care and protection. In fact, she is a survivor of sexual abuse as well. Even after entering the entertainment industry, she faced racism and tackled the criticism of people, who made fun of her due to weight. Yet, she put on a brave face and managed to own her identity with pride and proved herself with the success of the Oprah Winfrey Show, autobiographies, radio shows, etc.
What you may have learned by now is that, if you dream big then you hold the power to change your destination and achieve the unachievable. It is never easy to enjoy life and earn millions without investing a considerable amount of energy and time in anything you do. Keep calm, have faith, and never stop working hard!