There is one area of your life that requires you to show and tell to get noticed and that is your professional life. The most important thing is that there are people out there who do the same type of work as you but no one else does it quite like you.

This makes you a unique personal brand and you need to give employers the feel of your accomplishments, skills, and goals. No matter what industry you are in check out some of the tips below for a kickass portfolio:

1.Show off selective work

While people usually have a lot of real estate to show off on their online portfolios, you need to understand one thing. Before uploading anything you have to figure out what you want others to see.

Your portfolio should be an extension of the things you have mentioned in your resume. You could either go by selecting the top ten or twenty of your most impressive works from your portfolio. If you don’t have a master list, start making one. You could also show different projects each projecting a different skill or service.

Remember to show off the work that has gotten the most attention during all these years.


When it comes to professional portfolios less is definitely more. We recommend presenting your work in a clean and straightforward manner which is as a website is easy to navigate and when clicked on will show details of the work and give people context.

Even when you keep your portfolio with minimal information and the best work it can still get very busy because of all the different colour schemes, designs and formats.

To make your work samples look cohesive and not visually overwhelming for the viewers, try putting black and white samples when clicked on will show all the colours and other details.

3.Easy to Navigate

If you are a generalist in your field or somebody who has worked in multiple areas or different kinds of projects, you might want to show your work by placing everything under categories. This showcases your work in a more precise manner as well as relax the viewers by not placing them all in one page.

Categories help you portray all of your work without missing an opportunity. For example if you are a marketing generalist and someone who is looking for Instagram advice but only comes across blog copy services you might miss out on an opportunity.

4.Its not only your work, its you too

While your work history is critical it is important to remember when somebody is looking to hire you, they do not hire the work they hire the person who did the work. A good portfolio outshines the average one when it has a bit of your story & background included which portrays what type of a person you are to work with. Be sure to include an about page in your portfolio which contains a bit about you both personally and professionally.

Each one of us works hard at what we do and would love for the world to see. We hope these tips help you showcase your work and strengths in the best possible way and gets you closer to your professional goals.