Employee’s productivity is a significant part of your business. The more efficient your workers are, the better solutions they will come up with. Understanding the major problems that are affecting the efficiency of your employee and finding feasible solutions to minimize them can be a great start to create a productive environment. There can be multiple factors that can affect your employee’s productivity like rise or fall in temperature, insufficient tools and equipment at the workplace, poor communication with the team and many more. In order to improve the efficiency; we will discuss in detail few factors that affect your productivity.

1. Temperature At Your Workplace

Unsuitable temperature causes discomfort. Workplaces being either too hot or too cold simply affect the efficiency of a worker. Sweating due to hot temperature or shivering due to cold can cause less productivity. To maintain the best temperature at the workplace, keep it between 70 – 73 fahrenheit. 

2. The Importance Of Great Lighting Sources

Natural light helps you with your circadian rhythm and keeps you well motivated throughout the day. However, considering the environment your workplace is assembled in is essential as well; it will help you to create and come up with great lighting solutions. 

3. The Importance Of Hydration

Dehydration has a poor effect on your engagement and productivity. Aside from dehydration, people who do not drink enough water also suffer from blunders, fatigue, injuries, and headaches. Keep clean water for drinking at your workplace to improve the productivity of your employees.

4. Air Quality At Your Workplace

There should be a proper ventilation system at the workstations  to maintain good air quality. Set policies and direct your staff to follow the rules and regulations strictly in order to manage the air pollutant sources like cigarette smoke, dust etc. 

5. Proper Tools And Equipment

If you do not equip your employees with proper tools and equipment at your workplace, it will slow down the work process. Lack of tools availability causes unwanted delay in work completion. Invest in modern tools and equipment to save time and energy and obtain better results.

6. Poor communication

Lack of communication has the greatest impact on the project as well as on the entire workplace environment. It can lead to poor performance that can cause high-level risks in the project. Deliverables, milestones and scope of the project should be properly directed to employees to obtain the maximum success factor.

7. Office Layout And Design

Give your workstation an eye catching layout, so that your employees enjoy working there. Play with bright colors to enhance their productivity. Provide them comfortable furniture so that they can stay focused and relaxed while working. Furniture should be arranged in a well manner so that employees can easily move around in the office. Use plants as a decorative item to give a refreshing vibe.

8. Rewards On Good Performance

Little things matter a lot. Words of appreciation and little rewards on good performance or task completion for your employees can increase their confidence and make them motivated and more focused towards their work 

9. Weekend Activities

Schedule some relaxing activities with your employees. These activities will bring you together and help you to know each other. Those colleagues who actively hang out together have shown to be great in teamwork activities, and they often bring solutions to business problems a lot more than those who do not socialize as much.

10. Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools boost teamwork, communication and sharing. There are numerous organizations out there, utilizing various software and applications to keep their employees stay connected together at all times. It encourages team-building skills and enhances productivity.

11. Keep Your Workplace Tidy

Keeping your workplace neat and tidy is not a hard task at all, just make sure that everyone cleans their work spots and desks daily, utilize file cabinets for managing all the paperwork  and keep your walkways clean. Unclean environments have a negative impact on our minds; they make us less motivated, depressed, tired and unproductive. 


From the above discussion we conclude that the workstation environment and surrounding has a great impact on efficiency of your co workers and employees.there are multiple factors that can optimize your employee’s productivity such as  Providing them training, keeping employee’s happiness as a priority, accommodating them in their personal projects etc.