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We ensure to be loyal to our customers and hence, have retained the client base by effectively utilizing our resources. One of the essential steps is creation and sustainability of a specialized workforce.

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Our present workforce is exceptionally skilled and experienced in understanding trends for business structures and implementing your ideas to them.
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Using technologies to guide you towards effective digital marketing campaigns and enhanced awareness of your business’ presence across the country.
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We are proud to state that our professionals work productively to conclude the precise and most correct methods of helping your businesses connect with the target audiences.

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5 Tips For Awesome Customer Service That Will Make Your Customers Happy

Customer satisfaction has a big impact on the success of the business. A decreased satisfaction level means your customer trust levels will likely be decreased too, and it also indicates bad customer service – a big issue that costs businesses up to $62 billion per year according to a research!

If the customers will be satisfied, they will do marketing for you by telling their friends, family about your business. You can attract a large audience in this way. If they had a bad experience, they will not shop from you and your brand will suffer in the end.

You can improve your customer service and make your customers happy and satisfied by following these 5 tips.

1)  Make Customer Experiences Memorable

The important thing is to establish trust and it can be possible by making the first customer experience a memorable one. A Wunderman study shows that 79% of customers shop from brands that show them that they really care about them and value them.

Nowadays, if a customer is satisfied with the brand’s services  then the market value of the brand will increase and it will lead to gaining profit otherwise the company will face serious negative outcomes. It is important to focus on providing the best customer service to your customers.

2)      Provide Fast Customer Support Service

If a customer wants to get information about your product, they expect you to respond quickly because there are a lot of brands selling similar products so it is important to be efficient otherwise, it will lead to low satisfaction level of customers.

Opinion aside, though, the research supports this claim. According to Forrester, 73% of online adults in the US think that the best thing a brand can do to give them great customer support is to “value their time.”

3)      Make Feedback Part of Your Brand

Feedback from clients is one of the most significant resources your business can have. It can reveal to you a ton about your consumer loyalty levels since feedback clearly indicates how satisfied purchasers are with your brand, services, and items by and large.

Furthermore, client’s feedback can likewise assist you with improving your customer service and quality of your products, and provides you information that makes it simpler to settle on the correct business choices. Additionally, paying attention to it shows how much you care about the opinions of customers.

According to a Gartner survey, organizations that worked on client experience-centered projects in 2015 share that it happened by gathering and analyzing customer feedback. In this way, they successfully offered customers an incredible experience, by knowing what they want and considering their suggestions for enhancing the quality of products.

4)       Accept Your Mistakes

Not accepting your mistakes is a certain fire approach to getting negative reviews and building bad reputation. Being fair is significant in business and customer service is equally as important. Continuously make progress toward an excellent result as it shows you have a strong level of standards.

Listening to customer’s attentively will help you in resolving issues in a better way. Companies like Amazon are flourishing because of the fact that they value their customers. Even if it is not their mistake, they try to resolve it and exchange the product without charging extra money. The team has to be professional who can be empathetic towards the customers and responds in a good manner.

Choose good and do not act rude if the customer is wrong but you on the other side should not lose your calm and accommodate them in whatever little way you can.

5)      Be an Active Listener

The customers want to be heard so ensure them that you are listening attentively and you value what they are saying. Clarify if there are any confusions and solve their problems. Help them in finding what they want. Use an empathetic tone while dealing with customers because building reputation is a long term process and you lose your value in just minutes so think before you respond.

While establishing a business, you should research about delivering good customer service and plan accordingly. No matter how popular your brand becomes, you can not deny the importance of good customer service because customers are a key factor in building your brand and now in todays world of social media, anything is possible by naming and shaming or by promoting good things.

eCommerce, online selling and operations.

eCommerce, online selling and operations.

What is eCommerce, what is selling, if not activities all driven by operations?

To read what comes from many reports, from the readings of posts and from the expectations of many people and companies, it seems that the goal is to quickly create an online store, no matter where, on Amazon or on its own domain to start selling quickly.

Many tips are a consequence of this direct thinking and therefore focus on branding and marketing as priority aspects.

The stark reality with which to measure each day is that selling – wherever it takes place, is a sum of operations , optimization of an infrastructure organized to efficiently sell goods or services to a large audience, whether you use low prices or points on high values.

For the customer who buys, all operations must be valid, precise, efficient.

The only way to achieve the objective of selling is to set, from the beginning, a precise, meticulous and effective management of operations.SHARE THE TWEET

  • What are the operations of an eCommerce?
  • Inventory management
  • How do you manage the inventory?
  • If you sell across multiple channels, how do you manage presence across multiple channels?
  • Is the inventory owned by you or does the inventory come from other suppliers – for example using dropshipping?
  • The question is fundamental because it involves many aspects related to subsequent operations.

If you are a producer you must also think about possible channel conflicts, but above all about the topic of logistics and related obligations.

Catalog and content management

Products must be presented and described.

Images, titles, short descriptions, complete descriptions, explanatory sheets, specific elements and distinctive elements. The description of the product on your online shop may be different from the description of the product on Amazon, eBay and other marketplaces.

If you sell abroad you must have the correct translations.

Do not underestimate a Product Information Management that manages all the necessary integrations on the ecommerce platform and wherever you sell, starting from the distinctive and unique elements of the product, such as the EAN code.

How to avoid an Amazon suspension – Manage access to your account

How to avoid an Amazon suspension – Manage access to your account

Understand Amazon’s rules and stay on the rules.
Selling on Amazon is difficult, nobody guarantees anything.

Never assume that you have nothing to fear if your sales performance and metrics are solid. You always have something to watch out for. Never assume that if you have sent the required documentation to open your account, everything is fine and there are no things to be careful and follow.

Amazon does not lose sleep over lost accounts, even if they already develop or potentially can develop important business volumes. They are all easily replaceable. Amazon doesn’t care to lose you as a seller if it suspects that problems with catalog management and / or complaints from buyers may come.

It is easier to eliminate this possibility in the bud than to verify it later.

I know, it’s a bad reasoning done to sellers, but it’s better to use frank language and know what happens, than to have unexpected surprises.

Manage your account with due care and rules.
The first rule to follow is to manage access to your Amazon account well. Your seller account is your unique identifier against Amazon and you need to manage it carefully and cautiously. Too often the seller treats him badly and puts his relationship with Amazon at risk with reckless actions.

Legitimately authorize third party access to your seller account. Instead of giving your account credentials – username + password – to your agency or to the freelance who follows your business on Amazon, act correctly. Same thing for the agency or freelance. Do not ask your customer for a username and password to log in and administer the account.

On Seller Central settings, you can legitimately authorize third parties of your trust to operate on your account.
Follow these instructions carefully

This is not the only reason for deactivating the account and the variables are many. But if, during the opening of the account, you operate badly and there are multiple accesses from different IPs, different Mac addresses, which can be associated with other email addresses that access Amazon with different accounts, you turn on an important notice above your position.

You are not opening an account on Amazon so to do something. Often behind you have a project, expectations and investments. Act judiciously: you will not spare yourself all penalties and contingencies, but you will reduce errors due to inexperience which cannot always be justified.

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