GUI to analyze the profiling data collected using XHProf – A Hierarchical Profiler for PHP.

Facebook developed a function-level hierarchical profiler named XHProf. In 2009 they made it open-source. However, the original PHP code is bulky, GUI has limited analytics functionality and it lacked database support. There have been a number of attempts to give this tool a new look. Sadly, those worth mentioning are limited to preinheimer-xhprof.

XHProf.io disregards any previous GUI implementations. It is a new tool to visualise data collected with the XHProf C extension.

XHProf Demo

Main Improvements

This is a pre-release for those who wish to contribute to the project. Do not implement this code in a production environment.





This product heavily depends on the following javascript libraries. All of them are custom written for this project. Any contributions to the following libraries will be eventually reflected in the "XHProf.io" code.

If you simply want to suggest an idea how to improve XHProf.io, you can communicate it to g.kuizinas@xhprof.io or use the UserVoice widget on the right. Report issues using https://github.com/gajus/xhprof.io/issues.


This software is released under the BSD License.


Gajus Kuizinas <g.kuizinas@xhprof.io>.